Some travel notes

Some travel notes that will help others looking for some travel notes. A work in progress about places I know well, giving you some travel notes for your travel.

I like guide books. In 2004 when I first went off travelling around Asia, I loaded my backpack with around 3 or 4 Lonely Planets to cover the first batch of countries on my roughly sketched itinerary. They were invaluable for my travels, especially for relatively-difficult-to-navigate India, but broadly amounted to carrying around a medium sized rock.

As nice as they are, often a few basic pointers are all that’s required, especially if just a short trip. So that’s all I’m offering, just some travel notes. I’d welcome any comments or suggestions.

About me

Simon in Ayuthaya, Thailand

I’m Simon. Travel and music and life are what get me out of bed.

After making my way through a Geography degree in Wales, UK, I’ve been spending a large portion of my youth either travelling, working in travel, working or studying in various countries around the world – predominately Asia. Right now I live in northern China.  I’ve recently been enrolled at Tsinghua University, Beijing on its Chinese language programme. I’d thoroughly recommend. I did an academic year and have since continued self-study.


What got me interested in travel?

Anyone that spent their formative years in a small valley town will know the feeling of wanted to get beyond the hills and see the wider world. For me this was a town in Cheshire, England. I’d spend hours playing with a desk-top globe, spinning it around, and whichever country my finger would land on, that’s where I planned to travel to as soon as I was old enough. So when I was old enough, travel is what I did, though the many obscure countries my finger landed on have not yet featured on my travel itineraries.