About me.

I’m Simon. I’m interested in travel and music, among other things. After studying Geography in Wales, UK. I’ve been spending a large portion of my youth either

Simon in Ayuthaya, Thailand

travelling, working in travel, working or studying in various countries around the world – predominately Asia. Right now I live in Beijing.¬† I’ve recently been enrolled at Tsinghua University on its Chinese language programme. I’d thoroughly recommend.

What got me interested in travel? Anyone that spent their formative years in a small valley town will know the feeling of wanted to get beyond the horizon and see the wider world. I spent my childhood in a small town in Cheshire, England. One of my favourite toys was a desk-top globe, and I spent many an evening sitting on my bedroom floor, spinning it around placing my finger on it and whichever country it would would land on, that’s where I wanted to travel to as soon as I was old enough. So when I was old enough, travel is what I did, though I’ve yet to visit most of the places I said I would…

Some Travel Notes.

This site is intended to be a collection of travel-related writings, about places I’ve visited, visiting, or even not yet visited. Some geography related topics, and some travel ideas for those visiting the places I’ve written about. So as well as covering more in-depth topics, I hope to eventually write some small guides to places I know very well, in order to give you the reader, some ideas for your travels.